No, this isn’t just a gratuitous image of cake, it’s the cake I bought to celebrate the announcement of my US book deal. The flags on top were drawn by my daughters who really enjoyed sharing in all of the excitement, though the stars were ‘very tricky’ to draw apparently…!

So…the news itself: THE SANATORIUM has been sold in the US to the brilliant Jeramie Orton at Pamela Dorman Books! It will be published in the US as THE SANATORIUM, and in the UK as ONE BY ONE. I love both titles and I’m really excited to see how they’ll be published.

This is how the deal news itself was shared…

The deal still seems so new and exciting (especially as the news of my UK book deal was only shared in October and I’m still coming down off that high!) ¬†and I’m still in the ‘pinch me’ phase!

When Tash, my wonderful editor at Transworld told me that there was US interest from Pamela Dorman Books and that Jeramie Orton, the editor, wanted a call to discuss the book, I was thrilled and also a little bit nervous, but I needn’t have been – from the minute I spoke to Jeramie over the phone, I knew I really wanted her to publish the book.

From the way she spoke about the book and her favourite scenes (it still feels amazing to me when someone speaks about scenes in my book that were once only little seedlings of ideas in my head!) I knew she had such amazing enthusiasm for the novel and it made me hugely excited for how she would publish it and share it with US readers.

I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported the book so far, especially Charlotte Seymour at Andrew Nurnberg Associates and Tash Barsby and Helen Edwards at Transworld who masterminded the US deal.

Watch this space for more news…