“Stiffly he knelt beside her, watching himself kneel, take her hand, kiss her hand and put it to his face. There  was no doubt in either soul or body that she was dead. Dead. Gone. Happened. Lost. Over.”

Quote from ‘Old Filth’ by Jane Gardam

“All these years she had lived in isolation within herself and, strangely, from herself, never wanting or daring to look back. In the stone-floored echoing hall with the heavy low beams, her problems with Edward were already present in those first few seconds, in their first exchange of looks.”

Quote from ‘On Chesil Beach’ by Ian McEwan

“He had to stop his body being swept away, by wind, by time, by continental drift, by shooting stars, by shame.”

Quote from ‘Being Dead’ by Jim Crace

“Then all at once they scatter yellow rose petals into the water, and as the river carries them past the cafe it is as though there was a reflection in the water of the cloths of heaven.”

Quote from ‘Love Like Salt’ by Helen Stevenson

“Well, whatever it is I’ve ended, it’s given me this very swanky green coat.

He wraps it around him. It’s a good fit, it smells leafy and fresh. He would make a good tailor. He has made something, made something of himself. His mother would be pleased at last.

Oh God. Is there still mother after death?”

From ‘Autumn’ by Ali Smith